Thursday, April 16, 2015

Umbrellas can be hidden in the handle of the umbrella: Cover-brella

Remember that long before small foot can stand on its own umbrella Stay-brella, please? Its designer Oki Sato recently introduced a new design-a-shed can be hidden in the handle of the umbrella cover-brella, bringing the forgetful careless stars around the world came alive. Kaidaer mini speaker

This initial appearance there with an ordinary umbrella are not the same, but mystery opened umbrellas to see. It was umbrella special hollow design, will shed compressed into one. Your umbrella just after pulling head, ring shank, umbrella sleeve pulled down the covers umbrella. When not in use, umbrella sleeve can be folded back into the handle. Though just simple design, but for most of the shed can be removed individually for umbrellas and soon lost, it is epoch-making progress. Kaidaer bluetooth speaker

And Stay-brella the same, and carbon fiber frame cover-brella small, lightweight, weighs only 108g, and there are 8 beautiful colours are optional. The protective coating can block the ultraviolet irradiation of 90%, sunny day perfect for rain. Currently in Japan Seibu Nendo cooperation Shoppe BACKYARD you can buy, 6264 yen, or about $ 322 Yuan.

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