Friday, May 6, 2016

Find North filmmakers challenge VR wear long

  VR equipment due to its unique display techniques so that they can further fields, shown in the VR is fairly realistic, but for many people it will have some side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, etc, then VR device can ever wear it for a long time? Said don't count, film-maker Derek Westerman made the attempt. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case Hermes iPhone 6 plus flip case

Find North filmmakers challenge VR wear long

  He used a VR device is HTC Vive, purpose of the challenge is to see how long they can wear the VR device, until Derek Westerman believe they hold so far. Finally, Derek Westerman reached 25 hour continuous wear for 2 minutes, is the record of the current VR device worn long.

  Derek Westerman after accept interview Shi said, this 25 hours actually and no imagine in the as smooth, for to 17 hours of when has appeared dizziness and frequently to vomiting, certainly he prior has prepared good has a only small barrels, to 21 hours of when, he said himself of consciousness has some fuzzy, even is nonsense, fundamental not know himself in which, dang he off VR equipment zhihou, seems to direction sense suddenly disappeared has, on around environment some strange.

  For the players, 25 hours of continuous game play PC or host that is often the case, this experiment can be viewed as Derek Westerman today is a reminder to those heavy players, wearing VR equipment on the body for a long time nothing.

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Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Second life support equipment Oculus Rift

Second life support equipment Oculus Rift

Massively multiplayer online game second life (Second Life) community support the famous virtual reality equipment Oculus Rift. Now download the new version of Windows, Mac or Linux platforms Project Viewer, players will be able to play a role on the first person to experience the game, and the game will automatically recognize the Oculus Rift device. iWatch bumpframe iWatch bumpframe

Game developer at Linden Lab (Linden Lab) that the Oculus Rift goggles head tracking data can be immediately connected with the game, characters in the game can follow the player's movement to shake of the head. For your convenience, the game also appear in a new "align to look" settings, character in the game by players to move location.

Oculus Rift in virtual reality

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality

iWatch bumpframe

DK1, Oculus DK2 resolutions increased from 640x800 to 960x1080 (up 1920x1080). First generation of products in order to reduce the feeling of dizziness, DK2 OLED using low latency. One of the biggest improvement, believe the DK2 will join a group of detect head movements of the camera, so that players can implement such features as "close" movement, officials said just for this function's optimization team spent a lot of time. In addition, the DK2 gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors of the testing frequency will all upgrade to 1000HZ, but the weight will go up to 440 grams. Price was close to the people (although the DK2 still for developers)

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Friday, April 29, 2016

This law does not work Sony HT RT5 home cinema reviews

  We are very familiar with a Soundbar, however half of Sony's HT-RT5 is a little different--it is a Soundbar and half is traditional surround sound audio.

  If you like Soundbar handy, while traditional surround sound shocking, so HT-RT5 the very creative "hybrid home theater system" may be right for you.

  Design and execution

This law does not work: Sony HT-RT5 home cinema reviews

  Sony HT-RT5 5.1 system, Soundbar contains three drive units, and two rear speakers, and a subwoofer. Soundbar length and slender, also has a sloping front won't block the screen. iPhone leather case

  You don't have to worry about its work, everything is built to the high specifications.

  However, because HT-RT5 is not purely a Soundbar, so you have to make room in the home to the two rear speakers. The only good thing is they are all wireless, but you still have to pass on them, the huge subwoofer.

  Sony is considerately equipped with auto-adjusting technology for the whole system, so you can easily complete the Setup, not too obsessed with what is the best match.

  Vocal performance

This law does not work: Sony HT-RT5 home cinema reviews

  When the adjustment is completed, we first use the Mad Max: Fury road testing Blu-. Soundbar sound playing in rich detail and a sense of speed. When people speak of when you can clearly feel the vibration of the throat. While in the performance of such movies, HT-RT5 speed is strong and aggressive. However, the praise ends here.

  HT-RT5 the biggest downside is that it is too thin to medium-frequency sounds is not stable enough, no. When the music starts when the gap between high and low frequency is clear. Although a full picture and details are still great, but the disadvantage of high end too thin too hard will make you feel sound cold, no fun.

  And to make matters worse, lack of cohesion between the channel and the channel, this is because the mismatch between the speakers. HT-RT5 sound transmission range is not wide enough, the Soundbar and rear speakers before there is a huge gap.

iPhone 6 leather

  But it did well on dynamic control of HT-RT5, the transition from silent to horses quite impressive and rich in detail.

  Overview of features

This law does not work: Sony HT-RT5 home cinema reviews

  Sony wants to make HT-RT5 to satisfy your needs in-theater experience, it is really hard: HT-RT5 has three HDMI inputs and one output, all of them support 4K and DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. In addition, you can find an optical output.

  HT-RT5 are using Sony's own LDAC intact Bluetooth playback technology, rather than the more popular aptX. Soundbar supports NFC, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and other online music services.

  It is interesting, HT-RT5 can also become part of the multi room system, you only need to SongPal can it and other Sony products connected together.

  Said a lot of shortcomings, HT-RT5 remote control is to be commended. It's slim, intuitive and key distribution, all keys respond quickly.

  General comments iPhone 6 leather

  Sony HT-RT5 has many highlights, but they will not make up for the disappointment of musical performance. HT-RT5 it too thin, perfect sound cannot touch the hearts, nor does excite us, those rear speakers also failed to undertake the task of passing surround sound.

  Which makes HT-RT5 a very bloated--it cannot perform their functions as a surround sound home theater system, users also need a lot of space to accommodate.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

High quality facial value flagship Hi Fi player AK380 limited edition

  Astell and Kern introduced its flagship third-generation Hi-Fi player AK380 very good, is a favorite of many fans. Now officially launched the new AK380 base, change is not only the appearance. Just Cavalli iPad Mini Case

High quality facial value flagship Hi-Fi player AK380 limited edition

  Since it is a Hi-Fi player, AK380 fuselage will inevitably become very thick, but good design makes up for this deficiency, even making it a very fashionable there. Sound quality, also don't have to worry about.

  AK380 base as its name, its shell is made of copper, reddish-yellow color is very cool. To prevent oxidation, Astell and Kern made a special coating.

  Funny thing is, officials say copper body not only to look good, it better conductivity and shielding that can greatly improve the sound quality of AK380. Even aspects of the most original performance specifications and there is no difference, the new design can still bring the same feeling.

  It is understood that the aspects of the AK380 only 500 units, priced at £ 3299.

Just Cavalli iPad case

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Friday, April 22, 2016

U s New York to build the world s tallest assembled building

  Now this society, not only China's housing pressure, American housing pressure is not small. Of course, other developers will find a reasonable cost control and our developers eager to bite you a few more.

Givenchy iPhone 6

  Recently, the United States New York developers in order to reduce construction costs, an entirely new approach will be adopted to establish the building. Although this approach has been used, but usually some smaller houses. If this time is completed, will be the Assembly of the world's tallest building, which is named My Micro. Givenchy iPhone 6

  As its name suggests, it is a container built ahead of mosaic element of the building. Learned that My Micro will consist of 55 micro-elements, since this process is not yet fully mature, so it can build to such an extent is already very good. Each element is about 23-34 square meters of area, basically for a couple staying at the apartment type room. Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

U s, New York, to build the world's tallest

  Of course, under normal circumstances it is suitable for young people still in fighting stage live, if they have children of their own, it is clear that it was too small. Internal height of 3 metres for each element, it can be said from the space is a little less. It also through rational design for Assembly, to ensure each room with good ventilation and lighting effects.

U s, New York, to build the world's tallest

  The technology soon, you can through the 3D printed model micro-units will be built in a factory, then unified transport and assembling. In this way, will be able to greatly reduce the cost of building, are more conducive to the relevant departments to monitor the quality of construction. Of course, in the Heavenly Kingdom, if you expect him to bring home prices down, is very difficult.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Win 10 mobile and iPhone best slow motion shooting

Win 10 mobile and iPhone best slow-motion shooting

  As early as at the beginning of this year, when news that Microsoft will provide Windows 10 phone system will provide a number of advanced imaging functions, but for a long time, slow-motion video recording has been missing. Wei Feng network on November 6, just a few days ago, for Windows 10 phone system Microsoft released update for the camera application, slow-moving video the Lumia fans most wanted features available. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

  For slow-motion video "Slow-motion video" believes most iPhone users are not new, because the iPhone, released two years supports this feature, but Lumia devices will not be so lucky, because Windows 10 mobile system development progress is so slow, so announced earlier this year that feature was not completed until today. 

  However, the only flagship are available

  However, the slow-motion video requires some hardware support, so Microsoft says this functionality applies only to existing flagship Smartphone Windows Phone, such as Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, because these devices provide very powerful cameras of modules, including 20 million pixel sensor, Carl Zeiss certified lens and optical image stabilization technology, and so on. Lumia to be full listing later this month of the new flagship Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will also default to take slow-motion video recording capabilities. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

  "Slow motion video recording feature is Windows Phone and Windows 10 users most look forward to join the Windows 10 camera application functions, we are pleased with the publicity now, slow motion video recording feature has been provided in the Windows system 10 camera app, supports Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon three handsets. Latest Windows version 10 Mobile has support for recording resolution of 720p at a speed of 120 frames per second video in slow motion. "

  "We want to use this feature, first update Windows 10 mobile camera application on the system, then select on the camera application interface ' Turtle ' icon. "Microsoft also said," We hope that everyone will like this feature, in addition, upcoming new flagship Lumia devices Lumia950 and Lumia950 XL, will bring even more high quality slow video shoot. "

  Microsoft continues to introduce, in a photo application, you can shoot videos for "slow motion edit (Edit slow motion)", to further adjust the segment of the video, and slow-motion clip, what lens included full-speed playback, which shot for slow play, focused content focused on shooting. Of course, you can also select the normal speed play.

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

  Microsoft's long-promised features finally realized, obviously for Windows 10 Mobile supports slow motion video recording feature is a good thing. But Lumia product line has stalled update for a long time, now has such features that Microsoft's action is too slow, has no functional highlights one of the Advanced.

  What good is a slow-motion video recording? Actually is the fleeting moment of life and slowly, slowly help you remembering those fleeting moments, there's an iPhone to shoot slow motion video below, you can enjoy:

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

After the plane was struck by lightning the drone came

After the plane was struck by lightning, the drone came

Lei Feng yesterday NET (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) just introduced, UAVs can be used to deal with fires, today it has new features.

When the airplane through the sky and clouds, as it also comes with a certain amount of risk--was struck by lightning. For commercial aircraft, this happens about once a year, it wasn't a big deal, because aircraft structures can usually withstand such attacks. From 1962 to 2010 period, the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is barely more than a track more than 10 accidents involving lightning hit the plane, and even some pilots simply didn't realize that their plane was hit by lightning.

However, this does not mean that Lightning will never cause damage to aircraft, the lightning could disrupt fuel valve, power supply feeders and power distribution system.

According to the Boeing Company, the most recognizable appearance of lightning damage to the aircraft are aircraft: small burn marks and holes, which means that manual checks of aircraft usually takes one day.

To reduce downtime, improve an airplane can have the money, the European budget airline easyJet (easyJet) is testing its new method for inspection of the aircraft: use automatic unmanned--RISER.

The drone is made by United Kingdom company Blue Bear Systems Research and Createc common research and development, the RISER was originally designed to measure radiation in a dangerous environment and mapping. Unmanned aerial vehicles have two-foot-wide, using a four-axis design, equipped with electro-optic sensors, light detection and ranging. It has the independent ability to avoid obstacles, it can even when there are things to interfere with the work, automatically avoided.

EasyJet, which stand no chance with approximately 3-foot intervals around the plane, no opportunities to uses the laser to determine distance and find damage caused by lightning strikes. EasyJet Ian Davies, head of the Engineering Department says: "using these emerging technology has liberated and digital team, they were able to take on more tasks that require technical support. "

This month, easyJet announced that they have successfully tested a drone effect and found can be finished in a few hours it used to take a whole day to check.

Express advantage airlines wanted the drones to put into use in less than a year in the whole of Europe, and believed that the drones can be used for transport of spare parts and other maintenance-related tasks.

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Millet bracelet

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Juicy Couture iPhone case

Millet bracelet

Bracelet with millet millet's latest wearable device, with intelligent features such as alarm clock sleep monitoring. Juicy Couture iPhone case Juicy Couture iPhone 6 Plus Case

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